As most definitions of a blog go,  this is an online diary.  It began with the idea of blogging my thoughts centered around some of my favorite topics- books, community development/non profit work, and culinary adventures- as well as capturing our family homeschooling adventures.  A secondary thought to this blog was to practice free- writing and writing for pleasure.  For a long time I have worked on professional reports, plans, and grant writing.  This is an opportunity to write and practice writing for myself.  And now, the bio.  Would you like the stay at home mom version or the professional version?  Both–here you go.


Ms. Alarie-Harris holds a BS degree in Biology from Marietta College and an MA in Environmental Studies from Brown University.  Following graduation from Brown, she began to work for Woolpert, INC as an environmental planner.  During that time she worked on comprehensive plans, environmental assessments, and strategic plans for such clients a the US Military, the National Park Service, and  local communities.  Following her time at Brown, Martha worked as an adjunct professor for Wright State University and founded and served as the first executive director for Troy Community Works! a non-profit community development corporation.  Currently, she serves as the facilitator for the Graduate Academy for Community Leadership at Edison Community College.


Salmagundi- I chose the word for my blog because it means a miscellany and that is how I see my life.  I am passionate about so many things- first and foremost my family.  Since having our two children (who will be referred to as G & L here), my life has changed.  I always thought I wanted to be in a power career-meetings, travel, you name it.  I find my life is much simpler.  We live in a small town and chose to homeschool, but that doesn’t mean we are isolated.  My husband and I both love to travel and when we can’t actually travel we try to travel through books, videos, and food.  I love science and the natural world.  Growing up in Vermont was a wonderful classroom and I hope to pass that on to my kids.  I love to read.  I love non-fiction science, business books,  the literature classics I missed, the storybooks from the library.  I love to cook and learning to cook good whole food.   And I love the non-profit world.  As a life long volunteer I’ve found myself involved in many different non profits. My BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is to someday get my PhD and teach others both the theory and reality of community development.  But for now, I am content to homeschool my children and be involved in my community.

ORGANIZATIONS:  (or my current loves)

  • Girl Scouts USA – Daisy’s
  • Joyce Ivy Foundation
  • Brown Alumni Interviewers
  • Graduate Academy for Community Leadership
  • Troy Community Works!

DISCLAIMER FOR LINKS: On each of these pages I’ll post links to interesting sites and informative blogs.  My intention is to highlight revelant sites, but I am not responsible for the content of  other sites.  Please be considerate when posting comments.


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