Discovering King Tut’s Tomb

Or maybe this post should be titled “Having too much fun homeschooling.”  For our history curriculum we use Susan Wise Bauer’s Story of the World set.  This year (the first year) we are studying ancient history.  The basic curriculum is this: we listen to a chapter on the audio CD, then, in the workbook do a map page and a coloring page.  On another day we read library books about that particular time period or figure in history or folktales from that country.  Now, SWB’s workbook also had activities that you can do to reinforce the learning and I don’t usually do those.  They tend to be crafty type things and I’m not a crafty type.  But this one sounded like fun.  The activity book recommended that if you have a small space in your house to recreate opening King Tut’s tomb like Howard Carter and his team.  Well, we just happen to have a little cubby under our stairs.  And that’s where the fun begins….

As any good archeologist would do, the kids first had to make an inventory of what they saw and draw pictures.  My role was the all-around local lackey who does the grunt work!


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