004005My daughter has been asking for the past two years when we would do a gingerbread house and I finally succumbed. I bought one of those kits you see in all the stores and it was surprisingly easy and fun. unfortunately, I pulled it out to try to cheer my little ones up. They are sick today with fevers and have been so lethargic I hoped it would make them smile. It did, but it’s hard to see my normally sparky kids so worn out. We did have fun though putting it all together. Here’s a few photos. Doing this kit reminded me of the Christmas when I was a kid when my mom and brother made a gingerbread house, people and some other stuff totally from scratch. I don’t remember helping to make it, but I do remember eating it! I have a feeling this store-bought-kit gingerbread won’t be anything like my homemade memory, but it will be fun to watch the kids break it apart. We’re planning on taking to our Harris-side Christmas dinner and let the under-10-group break it up. When we were done with the kit, being the dorky homeschool mom that I am, I showed the kids some photos of fancy gingerbread houses and stumbled upon this video of the history of gingerbread. I hope you enjoy it too. I had no idea the tradition of making gingerbread was so old and meant so much!


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