One World Whisk

This year seems to be the one where we take a trip around the world from our hometown.  Our homeschooling group is doing a year long activity where each child or family picks a country and then presents to the group and will culminate in a “Troy Festival of Nations” in April.  Our country is the Ivory Coast and we’ll present in November so more on that later.  Now I’ve just come across the blog One World Whisk and it seems I’m not the only mom who longs for the days of travel but is staying home due to time, expense and kids.  This mom was a world traveler and now, with kids and dog, it has become much, much harder.  Her solution?  Create a month-long cooking challenge where each week features a slew of different countries.  She and friends/testers have created a cute passport to follow along with her culinary travels and a world map.  Even if you don’t have kids this would be an enlightening way to cook.

I’ll be following along with her adventures via Facebook, but you can also subscribe to an email version on the website.  The first featured country is Korea and she’s doing a Korean fried zucchini.  Looks fabulous.  I’d love to know your thoughts too.


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