Just what is Salmagundi?

Welcome to the first post of this blog.  You may have found it because you are a friend or relative and I’ve encouraged (ahem, browbeat) you into being a follower.  But you might be asking “OK, Martha, just what is Salmagundi?”

Salmagundi is an old french word that means miscellany.  The technical definition from The Free Dictionary is: salmagundi, [ˌsælməˈgʌndɪ] noun

1. (Cookery) a mixed salad dish of cooked meats, eggs, beetroot, etc., popular in 18th-century England
2.a miscellany; potpourri. [from French salmigondis, perhaps from Italian salami conditi pickled salami]
Will I be discussing dishes of cooked meats & beetroots?  Perhaps.  More likely is this site is a forum for  interests and an attempt to share them.  Several passions that I’ll be exploring here are my love of community development (local, global),  my love of reading,  my attempts at homeschooling my children, and our family’s foodie adventures. Another goal of mine is to become a better writer.  And how do you become a better writer?  By writing.  A lot.
*I hope you enjoy.

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